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Mimi's story begins with Rollin Amore's extensive travels through Asia and Europe over the last 40 years. After each trip, he would recreate his meals and desserts with his children Alexandra, Mimi, Nicholas, and Pang Pang.  

Retiring from a 40 year career in International banking and finance, Rollin opened his first store, Mimi's Handmade Ice Cream in Pentagon Row, an Arlington-based ice cream shop that brings together flavors from around the world. Rollin is planting his flags in the Mosaic District, Rockville, Annandale, and West Falls Church to further his expansion plan. The new stores will closely resemble the original Mimi's. Currently the Rockville and Mosaic District stores are expected to open around mid-August to early September 2023. 

Mimi's Handmade Soft Serve in Chevy Chase, MD, is born of a rich tradition of handmade Ice cream flavors and cones. In our first soft-serve location, we bring together high-quality ingredient recipes, magical flavors, and touch of love. Our flavor board consists of extravagantly rich flavors, from Super Oreo to Ube, and even Black Sesame. From the Japanese street food stalls, we offer fresh baked Taiyaki cones and treats filled to the brim with your choice of either Nutella or Azuki Bean. They will become Instant favorites!

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selection of soft servce ice cream in chevy chase
unique ice cream cone at The Heights Food Hall
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