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With an unwavering passion for delivering the best experiences in hospitality, Dario Arana-Rojas is a true passionate about the industry. Born and raised in a small town in Colombia, Dario arrived in the US with his family at age 19. From a young age, Dario fell in love with cooking, exploring a full spectrum of flavors and aromas while watching his grandmother Aura Rojas cooking the most amazing feasts he still recalls nowadays. Grandma, his true inspiration.


His restaurant career began in Washington DC around 2005, working both the back and front of the house scaling from dishwasher to operations. Dario has contributed with his talent to some of the best restaurant groups in town.


Currently, Dario has developed a Miami style Cuban café, that soon will be a part of a collection of amazing concepts at The Heights Food Hall in Chevy Chase MD. Saoco Cuban Eats is the name of his concept in which was featured as one of the winning contestants of the Stall Wars competition lead by Common Plate Hospitality.

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