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A Lebanese-inspired kabab (and more) shop, Yasmīne’s menu is a celebration of the incredible flavors and dishes of a culinary culture rooted deeply in community and tradition. 

Originally conceptualized by Michelin-Starred Chefs Gerald Addison and Chris Morgan cooking and tasting renditions of their favorite Lebanese-inspired dishes, Yasmīne in Chevy Chase, MD, is the realization of their desire to continue sharing the food they all love so much in an accessible, playful way.  

The menu - featuring perfectly grilled kebabs, thinly shaved shawarma, crisp falafel, fresh cheeses, salads, spreads, and sandwiches wrapped in fresh pita and dressed with herbs, vegetables and bright, flavorful sauces - is designed to offer guests fresh food they can stay and savor or just as easily enjoy at home or on the go. 

Yasmīne also offers a full bar featuring wine, distinctive cocktails, as well as an Arak service (a distilled alcoholic drink favored in the Middle East) - complete with signature add-ons including carrots with lemon and sea salt; Medjoul dates, salted and seasoned with orange zest; and herbed mixed olives - as well as a robust selection of non-alcoholic beverages including unique juices, sodas, and teas.


Chefs Chris Morgan and Gerald Addison were the original Executive Chefs of Maydon have been mainstays in the DC hospitality scene, but Yasmine at The Heights Food Hall in Chevy Chase, MD, is a passion project that has been their dream.  

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Lebanese falafel in Chevy Chase
Lebanese food in Chevy Chase
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